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Fishprint Gifts

About What We Do

Fishprint -A Lasting Impression thru Art & Poetry

Each day we have the opportunity to make an impression on someone; my prayer is that I make it count. Whether it’s painting flowers in a decorative style, writing poetry or speaking, my focus is the same; To reflect God’s glory in all that I do.

I developed this website to personally have an opportunity to share some of my original art and inspirational poetry thru my greeting card line called Fishprint. I also do custom designs for special occasions, inspirational posters, book marks and much more.

I will do “one hand painted card FREE upon request.

Bulk wholesale prices and custom orders are also available upon request.

I am so very blessed to be able to paint cards or book marks to give away at so many venue opportunities such as nursing homes, hospitals, restaurants, women’s retreats, appreciation functions, fund raisers and more. I couldn’t stop doing what I do if I wanted to because the blessings have been so wonderful. People have been touched by God’s love just by giving them a free hand painted card or book mark.  There is something about a free gift that is made from love that touches people’s heart.

To sum up what I do is Showing God’s love one card at a time.”

If you are  interested in something I offer, just email me and we can discuss possibilities.

Who wouldn’t want a flower painted just for them, especially roses!

Without my husband Morgan and my son Brad, none of this would even be possible for me so if you are looking for publishing with the personal touch, check out


Shirley Fisher

P.S. For those who would like to bless the “give away” portion of what I do, a donate button has been made available.